Friday, April 8, 2011

Back to life, back to reality

Another awards show has come and gone and I'm back in "housewife" mode. A week ago I was onstage with Reba and backstage with Dierks Bentley....,and today my only "excitement" was the bank, dry cleaners, gym, market, laundry, etc.  I thought about it and came to the conclusion my life is 20% glamour and 80% monotony, but I suppose that's true on some level for all of us ......
I'll take 20% over nothing.

ACM Presents "Girls Night Out" Superstar Women of Country
It is a treat working with such talented artists, who are allowed to be just that...artists. Jon Fogerty rehearsed "Proud Mary" with Wynnona Judd and I think we all about fell out of our chairs! It was amazing, the energy coming from the guy who wrote that song....and hadn't performed it for a very long time due to some publishing rights problems. Glad to see he has found it again.  How many bad versions of that song have we all heard at karaoke, or by some wedding or garage band, to hear it how the songwriter intended made me tingle :)

Next month they are bringing back the Billboard Awards, so that'll be a great gig. The Billboard Awards were off the air for about four years....don't know why, maybe they were retooling it. Anyway I'm glad it's back!  The production company on this show likes us to be more fully involved rehearsal actors than the company that produces the ACMA's. So we do plenty of singing and dancing and not just presenting and accepting.

Standing in for Martina McBride the other day I was handed a mic and told to sing "When Will I Be Loved" for her since she was not there for that rehearsal. I could have and would have happily done it. But one of the female singers of "Little Big Town" stepped in and did it instead...probably a lot better than I would have. Also enjoyed being serenaded by Vince Gill while standing in for Carrie Underwood. THAT was a treat!  I have always been a fan of his and remember him performing at the Grand Ole Opry about 12 yrs ago, which was great! Didn't think I'd ever be working on stage with him, so that's progress....slow.....but progress.

Some of my friends in town are doing the 48 hour film festival this weekend. This is an international festival with projects in several cities worldwide. You meet on a Friday, are handed your "idea", which you then have to write a script, shoot and edit within 48 hrs! I would have offered myself as an actor for this but I have something else going on I can't change.  They have this festival in other towns across the U.S. as well.

There's supposed to be a Bruce Willis movie shooting here in May. Will have to find out who's working on that and if I can get in on it. Haven't been on a movie set in a few years. It's been all TV when I have been working on the set.....which isn't that often.

Still miss my beautiful kitty...takes awhile to get over losing a pet doesn't it? It's been almost 3 weeks and getting slightly better. Does anyone know of any truly non allergenic cat breeds? A member of my household is allergic, so a new cat would have to be that.

I'm not feeling very witty or clever tonight but I know I'm supposed to write anyway, so I did. Signing off....

Anna Wendt for Reba McEntire, Nancy O'Dell

Karen Wendt for Miranda Lambert

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