Saturday, April 16, 2011

All is well....until it's NOT

It started innocently enough....a tickle in the throat, little tired, and then it slammed into me like a semi truck....pneumonia, that BITCH! Oh and did I mention it happened while I was on a cruise? Talk about bad timing.

Just to remind us who's in charge, NOT us but some freak force of nature.........sickness comes and sickness goes.....whenever it wants!

So, needless to say I have very few actual memories of last week.....besides shaking like a junkie, burning up like the little girl in Exorcist while sweating like the late Chris Farley, and gasping for air like a chain smoker....(remember them, "chain smokers"? we all knew one).

My main accomplishment for the week was staying OUT of the hospital!  I did it.

Late in the week as the haze started to clear, I was able to check out Second City Improv perform a couple of shows. They had a group on the ship.....good meaty improv, and I know from experience what that takes! One of the shows was "family friendly".....which makes it so much harder to do as there is so much you cannot "go there" makes the actors have to be more creative.  When I took impov in performing arts school our teacher, the awesome Pat Dade, would not let us "do it blue"...i.e. adult! She said that was too easy and we would be learn improv much better by having to work harder at coming up with real material and not just "lapsing into blue".

Goodnight, and thankfully you can still get cough syrup with codeine.....if nothing else works that does!

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