Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Time to be "almost famous" again

Yay, tomorrow I start working on the "Academy of Country Music Awards" and "A Superstar Tribute to the Female Artists of Country" TV special.

It's all at the MGM Grand arena, my home away from home as a stand in. :) Should be fun and busy. I get to see my friends from L.A. and watch and participate in rehearsals of the best country music performers in the world. Last year I sang with Lady Antebellum, sang with my sister as Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert, and danced with Brooks and Dunn! Wish this was my job more often, but the 8 -10 times a year it comes around it rocks....or twangs, or whatever, depending on the genre of music.

Me...ACM Awards 2010 MGM Grand 
Last week I enjoyed judging for the "Distinguished Young Woman of Nevada" pageant, (formerly called Nevada's Junior Miss, part of the America's Junior Miss Program). Although I'd rather be a host, and expressed that to them. She said that'd be great, so maybe I will do that instead next year. 
FYI the pageant is for high school seniors in any state, to win scholarship money and there is no entry fee which is unlike most pageants. The winner of each state pageant wins money and goes to the nationals in Mobile, Alabama for the national title.  You don't have to be a "pageant pro" to be in this pageant. It's a positive experience for teens.

Still miss my precious kitty. Dreamt the other night she was still alive so then had to feel bad all over again when I woke up. The talk around the house is we all think we want another pet to love and lavish affection on. There are many animals out there in need, lord knows! But we'll give it some time. My husband's pet allergies will dictate more than anything the type of cat or dog we adopt.

I saw this quote the other day, "God will provide but you have to meet him halfway", so true. It was from a friend of mine, Beverly Washburn, a former famous child actress who wrote a book in 2009 about her life, it's called "Reel Tears", a good read.
Off to the gym....again....

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