Monday, March 17, 2014

From Teen Heart Throb to AARP Heart Throb...Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe Rocks 50!

Talk about a booming birthday, not only is it St. Patrick's Day but the day started in Rob's home state of California with a 4.4 magnitude earthquake.

Making his mark since the age of 15, former teen heart throb and one of the best looking, most chiseled actors in Hollywood, Rob Lowe, turns 50 today. Of course, being Rob Lowe he makes 50 look goooood! By this I don't mean only in a superficial way. Many like to tease Rob for being the handsome, former bad boy that he is, but he really is much more than what meets the eye. He's rockin' 50 because he is healthy, adventurous, and continues to grow personally and professionally. No middle age slump here!

I have never met or worked with Rob, (unless you count sitting next to him at the 2000 Emmy Awards).  Reading his book a few years ago I found him to be more serious, interesting and humble than I had expected. In other words, don't hate him because he's beautiful!

He has been happily married for 23 years to Sheryl Berkoff and they have two grown sons.

A former member of what was known in the 80's as "The Brat Pack", he has continued to work regularly since his first major acting role in 1979. My favorite roles of Rob's are The Outsiders and Austin Powers in Goldmember...(where he surprised many with his comedy chops).

AARP's tribute to Rob Lowe's 50th

"AARP congratulates Rob Lowe on his 50th Birthday"...Being in any way associated with AARP used to be a delicate issue with celebrities who always want to seem ageless, but things are changing. AARP is a powerful group and the word "retired" is not what it used to be. These days retired doesn't mean "old", it just means you made enough money to not have to work!!

This is how he used to look from a poster torn out of "Tiger Beat" magazine and hanging on my sister's wall along with Scott Baio, Leif Garrett, Matt Dillon, and the late Andy Gibb and Michael Jackson.

Happy Birthday Rob Lowe. Let's see what you do with your next 50 years!

Rob Lowe, 1980's....

"Stories I Only Tell My Friends"......

Rob Lowe..."Stories I only Tell my Friends" on Amazon

Sources: by AARP Lowe

Excerpt from

A teen idol at fifteen, an international icon and founder of the Brat Pack at twenty, and one of Hollywood's top stars to this day, Rob Lowe chronicles his experiences as a painfully misunderstood child actor in Ohio uprooted to the wild counterculture of mid-seventies Malibu, where he embarked on his unrelenting pursuit of a career in Hollywood.
The Outsiders placed Lowe at the birth of the modern youth movement in the entertainment industry. During his time on The West Wing, he witnessed the surreal nexus of show business and politics both on the set and in the actual White House. And in between are deft and humorous stories of the wild excesses that marked the eighties, leading to his quest for family and sobriety.
Never mean-spirited or salacious, Lowe delivers unexpected glimpses into his successes, disappointments, relationships, and one-of-a-kind encounters with people who shaped our world over the last twenty-five years. These stories are as entertaining as they are unforgettable.

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