Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lucky Dogs and a Velveteen Rabbit

"Once you become real, you can't become unreal again. It lasts for always."

I thought of this beautiful and poignant message from the book The Velveteen Rabbit yesterday while getting ready to head out for the night.

First, to a launch party for my friend Heather Marianna's new line Lucky Luciano's Pet Products, and the other, to check out a new lounge, Velveteen Rabbit, founded by two Las Vegas sisters.

Karen Wendt, Heather Marianna, Anna Wendt

Heather's new pet product line is the second for her company, Beauty Kitchen, which she launched last year and was built from a love of creating home based beauty recipes. Her successful DIY videos have been viewed over 2 million times on YouTube.

The inspiration for her new pet line came from her dog Louie. On October 2nd 2012, Louie (Luciano) sat on death row at a kill shelter. With only a few hours to live, Adopt a Rescue pulled him from the shelter and placed him for adoption. Today Louie has a home, two Chihuahua brothers Coco and Baron and a wonderful mother Heather Marianna who transformed him from street dog to pampered pup.

Louie wanted to give back to the animal community and help raise awareness and funds to aid in the saving of animals like him. Working long hours in the Beauty Kitchen workshop Louie has created a pet Shampoo and a pet perfume with organic ingredients.

"As his mother, I wanted to create this line
to give back to the animal community,
 I could not imagine my life without
Louie, Coco and Baron." 

Heather Marianna

Lucky's Unisex Pet Perfume $ 18.95

Created by Beauty Kitchen (TM) this Botanically enriched luxury mist will leave your furry friends coat shiny, silky and smooth.

Between baths or after grooming, this fragrant spa-quality mist will neutralize odors, silken and soften and add an all natural shine to your pets coat! This is safe for kittens and puppies over eight weeks old! So cat lovers rejoice!

15% of ALL SALES of this product benefit Adopt A Rescue Pet (, the very organization that saved little Louie.

Papering Ingredients are as follows: Pure Roman Chamomile
Chamomile has a calming effect on animals and has done wonders for Louie's night tremors.

Some of the above content and story is an excerpt from 

Real and inviting....

After checking out Heather's enchanting event at Park on Fremont where the doggies were the true stars of the party, my sister and I headed over to a new and unique lounge founded by two sisters. Velveteen Rabbit is a cool, eclectic lair featuring original and classic cocktails as well as music and art. Shortly after arriving and ordering our drinks, we agreed this is the kind of place you can hang out for hours and lose track of time surrounded by artful ambiance and the melodies of perfect "chill". It's like hanging out at your super cool friend's house.....except you never have to leave...(or at least not until 2am)!

Pamela and Christina Dylag....Owners, Velveteen Rabbit. Photo source:

Check out their award winning cocktail, The Green Bitch!

Best New Cocktail, Green Bitch, Velveteen Rabbit...Photo: Vegas Seven

Photos of Lucky Luciano's Pet Product Line launch party by XIS Productions..Xzabko Scott is responsible for a vast number of professional fashion shows in Las Vegas.

Lucky Luciano's Pet Products Launch, Las Vegas, NV

Beauty Kitchen by Heather Marianna