Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Summertime Tips to look great at the Pool or Beach

If we all looked like my friend Renata at the pool or beach,
we'd be there every day of the summer!.....

Renata Moise, Model.....Barry Gallegos, Photographer.....Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, NV

However, back to reality, most of us don't.....The good news is, being a resident of the West Coast for over 15 years, I have learned some things. Here are a few tips that work for me....

Sunglasses - Always wear sunglasses! It's good to have a special pair set aside that you don't use every day that always look good, unscratched and flattering. Plus, they're great for on top of your head after coming out of the water.

Audrey and Anna at Aria Pool, Las Vegas

Make-up - Waterproof mascara and some lipstick or colored gloss make a world of difference. Best to  put sunscreen on your face before leaving the house. It will soften your skin which can give it a bit of a glow.

Hair- If your hair is clean and looks great, good for you! It probably won't last in the heat, sun and water, so have a back up plan. Either wear a beach hat, (not a baseball cap, which causes guaranteed hat hair), or slick back your mane into a sleek ponytail with some light hold gel. Just because it's a ponytail doesn't mean it has to look like you just came from the gym. Or a "messy" bun, tip your head upside down, then back up, secure with ponytail holder, wrap hair around ponytail holder in a circle, stick in two bobby pins "wherever". Also, If you have shoulder length or longer hair it's easy to do your own side braid or side pony tail and leave a little bangs out to soften it up.

This hat is rollable for easy packing.

Shoes - sandals are best, flip flops, wedgies, sling backs....if you can't remember the last time you had a pedicure,  a little lotion and light toenail polish make a big difference in a pinch.

Jewelry - Minimal, but here is a trinket that looks great on all ankle bracelet! You can get them at stores like Claire's Boutique in the mall, or the gold and silver by the inch kiosks. (The beach and pool are not the place for expensive jewelry). Most department stores also sells a nice selection.

Cover up- The beach and pool are a "no khaki zone". Swimsuit cover ups that are most flattering are summer dresses or skirts/wraps. A long wrap is best, more versatile. A simple summer dress long or short, light and breezy moves with you when you walk and feels light and airy. Shorts work too, but not as well, unless you are going to do something really athletic.

Tote bag- Have a bag with sunscreen, a towel, sunglasses, always at the ready to grab easily so you look pulled together. Best if it's a light color bag, cloth, some kind of weave texture, or canvas.

Sunscreen- Yeah I know blah blah blah wear sunscreen. I am actually a firm believer in this because sunburn happens SO fast and by the time you notice it is too FAR too late! Hawaiian Tropic has some great products and if you want a little "glow" you can use their spray oil, (if you want more coverage spray it over suntan lotion). Don't go crazy though nobody likes the oily look...especially in your cleavage area....slimy cleavage....not attractive. There are also a few new sunscreen products with a little self tanner combined in them, which I have not tried, but might.

To tan or not to spray tan- Trust me, nobody cares if you are tan or not. I have seen plenty of great looking people with no tan whatsoever "rock" a swimsuit. Also, the opposite is true. There is such thing as "too" tan....if you live at the beach we understand, you're forgiven. But if it's an overdone artificial tan then you just seem insecure. If you must spray tan to get yourself to the pool for the first time of the season, then get a light spray tan and after that you won't care. After all it's about relaxing and having FUN!

Swimsuit -No matter what your shape, size or AGE, nobody has to wear a "mom suit" this summer. Plenty of swimwear designers offer options that hold, cover and flatter. Whenever I see a woman in a mom suit it makes me think she is self conscious instead of celebrating the fact that she's out there in the sun and swim. (Unless it's a modesty issue but anyone ultra modest wouldn't be in a swimsuit in public). Oh, and nobody cares about your cellulite, look close enough and you'll see, every woman has it.

These suits have shirring (every woman's best friend), that hides extra tummy and side weight without being obvious.

Main View

Main View Suit by Calvin Klein

Aside from the fact that this model has an almost perfect body, let's focus on the suit. This style suit is perfect for most shapes in the same way the bikini at the beginning of this story is. There's enough support on top, shirring in the middle, and medium to high cut bottoms that flatter any leg. 

With that said, please don't hide away because you don't feel "perfect".....go to the pool or beach and look around. Nobody there is flawless and if they are, you can rest assured, they probably won't be forever...;)

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