Monday, December 24, 2012

"A Christmas Story".....Cheers to another 24 hours!

There is one tradition all Americans can count on at Christmas.

TBS will be airing their 24 hours of "A Christmas Story" marathon starting tonight at 7pm all the way until Christmas Day at 7pm.
What strikes me most about "A Christmas Story" is that every year I watch it I notice something new, or a moment I've seen so many times before now affects me in a different way. The first time I ever saw the show I was in my early teens. I thought the mother was being ridiculous when she said Ralphie would shoot his eye out if he got his coveted toy rifle....until he almost did! 

I remembered from my own experiences a kid not too long before Ralphie's excitement when ordering his spy game in the mail only to be disguisted that it was a trick. I also remembered being bullied, like Ralphie and his brother. In my case his name was Larry and he was as horrendous a bully as they come, to everyone. My mother would dress us warm in hats and scarves and he would try to choke me with mine when I got on the bus......One day he disappeared to a "boys ranch" and grade schoolers all around our school district breathed a sigh of relief.

The first time I saw "A Christmas Story", I actually thought the sexy lady leg lamp was kind of cool. Yes, I admit it! Now of course I realize it's horribly tacky and that was the point. Tacky or not, the father had won it, and we all like to win things, which is why we go to the fair and spend $11 on a dart game to win a $2 stuffed penguin.

I have also now been the aunt, wondering if I am sending a gift that is too childish or not fashionable enough for my niece or nephews. Trust me I have never sent anyone anything close to pink bunny pajamas.

This year I will watch again with yet another new perspective. The one of a lost parent. In my case, my mother. Every time I hear "Merry Christmas" I hear my mother's name....which is Mary. It's tough. I have never done so little for the holidays than this year. How can I? Everything is a reminder of so many holidays before. I do know its important to uphold certain traditions. Life is about momentum and we must keep moving forward. Plus, I know mom would have wanted us to. I will remember this tonight during my toned down Christmas Eve.

I will also think of this while watching "A Christmas Story". Perhaps I will pay more attention than ever to the mother in the show, her reactions, her moments.  Either way it will make me laugh, cry.....and feel connected.

"A Christmas Story".....on TBS
24 hours starting 7pm Central tonight, Christmas Eve

Internet Movie Database, "A Christmas Story"

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