Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Artistry of the Tapas

I love brunch....

I am a bruncher.

However I rarely "do brunch" because many are just breakfast buffets....not the same thing to me.
I want a nice table, brunch selections delivered to me while I sip champagne mimosas or fresh coffee and relax with friends. This doesn't include getting up several times during the meal.

You'd think these types of brunches would abound in Vegas, but not so. We are the home of the most marvelous buffets in the world, but the, "sit back and we'll bring it to you brunches" are hard to find.

So, discovering a true brunch, the "all you can eat" Tapas Brunch at Border Grill, Las Vegas, was a real delight!

There are artfully designed gourmet selections of tapas, or small plates, such as Fritatta Tarts, Yucatan Egg Benedict, Skirt Steak and Egg, Mexican Rice Pudding Parfait, Plantain Empanada, Crispy Potato Rajas Taco, and Churro name a few.

Of course, this got me curious about the chef, Executive Chef, Michael Minor, who originated this delightful concept for Border Grill. Michael, thank you. It was nice to meet you. 

I am pleased to see the Santa Monica, California location has added this as wellMay your brunch tradition continue! tapas! 

(Taken with my Android, because any food can look good in a stock photo).

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