Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Artisan. An unexpected masterpiece...

What can you do with a little creativity? You can build something like "The Artisan". It's eclectic, fun, darkly beautiful and charmingly imperfect!

This hotel is uniquely artist themed. The walls have a bounty of prints displayed everywhere you look from various artists like Chagall, Da Vinci, Rembrandt, and Renoir, to name a few.

Yes, it's true, The Artisan was originally a generic chain hotel before being bought and infused with a little creativity that went a long way, if you ask me. Each room is designed for a different artist.....which means every room is not the same....imagine that. Nothing against the chain hotels, they have their place, but I'd rather stay here than another bland and beige "box", any day.

It's worth stopping in for drinks, dinner, or a pool day just to take in the art on display.

Soon "Mood" restaurant is bringing back a popular feature available in many cities known as "Dinner in the Dark". You are blindfolded and dine in the dark to enhance your sense of taste, smell and texture. I haven't tried it yet but am looking forward to when I do.

Since I did not get permission to use any of their paintings
in my story, I made my own using the lovely Karen Wendt as my model!

Thanks pretty hostess!

Get the goods ......

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