Thursday, July 26, 2012

"Brothers in Charms"....Baldwins and Francos

Where is your man on The "Baldwin" Meter?

Is he hot, charming and a bit metrosexual?......a Billy

Intelligent, witty and slightly Alec

Unpredictable, macho yet oddly exciting?........a Daniel

Former bad boy now reformed and religious?....a Stephen

Maybe he's a bit of both, like an Alec with a touch of a Stephen, or a Billy with a Daniel complex?....That's called a "Baldwin bonus"....double the trouble AND the fun!

If you're into younger guys, GOOD news! I'd like to introduce you to the super hot and talented Franco Brothers! James and Dave Franco are actors and Tom is a brooding artist.

The "Franco" Scale

Charming, sexy and a little complicated.....a James

Modest and funny, doesn't know he's hot......a Dave

A brooding artist with a shy smile......a Tom

(A special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Franco for giving us, just in time, the next generation of "Baldwin".)

"The Handsome Foursome":

"The Franco Three":

(Oh, if you want even younger, like the Jonas Brothers, you're on the wrong blog....check back when they're all old enough to shave.)

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