Sunday, June 24, 2012

Why flap when you can soar?...

Started the week with a fresh, salty air run in Laguna Beach!

When I looked up at the birds, some were flapping busily while others were just soaring with the wind. It reminded me of a phrase I heard and liked so much I remembered who the speaker was; Dewitt Jones.

His point that day was that you can "flap" away forever at certain things and never get very far. Or, you can be open to what it is in your life that makes it easier for you to "soar".

I've been paying more attention to this particular philosophy lately. Both in my career and personal life.

What is it in my career that makes it easier to "soar"? Some things are showing themselves to be solid and consistently more prosperous and rewarding with the same or only slightly more effort. Others are fading to the background, maybe just for now...or maybe for good. Time will tell. In any case, this approach seems to be working!

In my personal life I have been doing too much "flapping" as well. I am making some changes, streamline some things to make it easier to "soar" as well.

Try taking several steps back and look at your present life. In films this is called a "master shot"....done with a wide lens.  What do you see?.. What is it about your life that is causing you to "flap" instead of "soar"?....

Photographer Melinda Nagy

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