Sunday, June 17, 2012

Going back.....for the future

Today I submitted to Central Casting for a part that required me to include pics of myself in high school and childhood. So I grabbed an old photo album and powered up the scanner...

here's a trip down memory lane.....

I was SO happy here! Couldn't believe I'd been chosen as the Homecoming Princess my sophomore year. The bus ride home from school that day to tell my family seemed to take forever. The only problem was I had to have a nice long dress for the coronation in a few days. My dad was a teamster supporting a family of seven. We did not have money for these kinds of things. So, my quick thinking mom took me to "Banks", which was a designer liquidation store downtown. After an hour drive it was only open for another 45 minutes. We TORE through that store and came out with this pink treasure, for only $7!! I think an angel put it there just for me :)

Also found this super fun pic of me and my brothers and sisters....isn't my little brother the cutest with his "pose"?

It would be an understatement to say we were big into cheer leading, my sisters and I!

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