Monday, June 4, 2012

America's Most Wanted tonight....

Now this Akon song is stuck in my head from the least it's not "Red Solo Cup" which was stuck in my head for days after the Academy of Country Music Awards.

Good for Rhode Island that they now have a Miss USA for a year. Maybe the state will come up in conversation for another reason other than the state everything else is compared to in size and population!

I liked how they tried to mix some things up and do some things differently this year, like starting with a fashion show. They have to keep up with the times in this new media age.

Overall I had a great weekend. Am working on exploring some other avenues in the pageant industry and I am excited about that. Don't want to put the cart before the horse so will leave that for later.

Spoke with Carl Dunn, CEO of "Pageantry" Best source of pageant related topics for all ages.
Pageantry Magazine.

Great to meet people who love what they do, like TNBoy, who is one of the writers for the blog, and also judges and works in coordination of pageant related events. This website is a great resource for all things pageant related.

Anna and Craig Miss USA 2012. Hope you had a sparkling good time TNBoy!

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