Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"IMDB me"

I can finally say this!

Any actor knows how important this is...I tried back in '06 and they gave my credit to a,different Anna Wendt who had just joined before me, a German film producer and actress who actually kind of looks like me and about the same age. So I was hesitant to give them anymore credits because if they gave them to her it'd be head to clean that up later. The fun thing to do when joining IMDB is to check your weekly "rank". Many of us get a bit obsessed with this at first. My rank went from 136,878 up to 125,456 last week, so that's something. Considering there are almost 4 million actors and production professionals on the site, that's not bad. Now that I'm registering my credits I am finding so many films and tv shows I worked on that I forgot about. Some of them are even on YouTube....so now is a time that I don't regret not posing for playboy or starring in any racy films, since everything seems to be on YouTube these days!


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