Saturday, April 2, 2011

For This Rehearsal Only

If, when you are rehearsing as a presenter for an awards show, you don't say, "for this rehearsal only" when reading the winner, you get your butt chewed.....big time! So far I haven't made that error ...knock on wood.

Yesterday my sister and I stood in for "The Judds" as presenters. I hear they have a new reality show coming out. And also stood in for Nancy O'Dell....again, been doing that alot this past year, first as stand in host for the ACA's (a different country music awards show), then for "New Year's Eve Live" at Mandalay Bay Beach.  Her star is shining brightly these days as the new host of Entertainment I will bask remotely in her glow...for now.

Ronnie Dunn, formerly of Brooks & Dunn, performed solo for the first time on the ACMA stage. As many know, Brooks & Dunn parted ways after 20 years of a hugely successful career as a duo. Many noticed that they didn't speak to each other for quite a long time before going their separate ways...probably just like most "married couples" they ran out of things to say! What a great body of work they put together, my faves being, "Neon Moon", "Indian Summer", and "My Maria". Ronnie's first single as a solo, "Bleed Red" is powerful and his voice is stronger than ever! Love his "cowboy" tattoo, wonder if it's new.

I've thought of getting a tattoo, but probably never will. I always said I'd never get one unless they're made of crystals....and low and behold they came out with some that are! Club Tattoo (I think that's the name) in Planet Hollywood Miracle Mile Shops does them...they are awesome.... Maybe I'll get nipple crystal tattoos.....kidding!!

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