Thursday, March 31, 2011

Don't Pick on me

Aren't grown ups supposed to be "grown up"? Today I heard a story about a friend of a friend being picked on at work. Really, you'd think people would grow up and know how to treat each other...if you're old enough to drive you should be old enough to communicate without desacrating others.

On another note, had a great night at work. Nobody was picking on me at least. Of course I wasn't used at all and sat in the "stand in" bullpen for 3 hrs eating craft service and catching up with my friends from L.A.
Karen made a lovely Miranda Lambert and it was fun to watch Blake Shelton sing to her and tell her he loved her :). Also got to see Reba rehearse. She is 55 years old, with that Rocking Body! Go girlllllll!

I love country music and all of the artists, they are really blues artists at heart but with a country twist and a taste for fried chicken and biscuits. Growning up in a very small town I can relate, as a piece of that goes with me everywhere I go.

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